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Online Collaboration and Document Sharing

Online collaboration and document sharingHave you ever struggled to find a document? Have you had to wait days or weeks for manual approvals? With Canon's online collaboration and document sharing tool you and your colleagues can collaborate more effectively using simple online file sharing and digital workflows.


Your challenges

  • Reduced productivity due to lengthy manual approvals and workflows
  • Lost data due to no formal data back-up and/or disaster recovery
  • Ensuring the latest version of a document is being used
  • High physical storage costs across multiple locations
Our Solution

Our solution

Store all of your documents in the cloud and retrieve them from any internet enabled device. Protect your documents with Canon's dual data centre set up to store and back up your documents.

The benefits

Save time looking for information with simple text searches across all your documents.
Secure your documents by giving users clearly defined access rights to view, edit, print or distribute information.
Ensure legal compliance by monitoring documents to ensure the latest version is being used.
Reduce costs by storing all files electronically and viewing documents in any format with a single click.

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