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UK wide support - we will always go the extra mile

Managed Print Services

Our Total Managed Print Service means that you and your staff only need to think about the paper that comes out of your printers.


We take care everything else which means that you get to do more fun things rather than clearing paper jams or ordering toners. We even collect and recycle empty toners cartridges.

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8 Ways our managed print
service helps you...

Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
Managed Print Benefit
01 Cost Savings of 30%
Our Managed Print Service produces real guaranteed cost savings and covers
  • All parts, all toners and and call outs
  • 4 hour response
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Routine cleaning
  • Service loan printer
  • Empty toner collection / recycling
  • Service help desk 7am-7pm
02 Toner Supplies
Using information and email alerts received from our monitoring software all printer supplies are delivered before you run out.
03 Servicing and Repairs
All parts labour and toner are included. All engineers are manufacturer trained and each device is linked to our remote service centre for proactive response to email service alerts.
04 Helpdesk Support
We operate a user help desk for all print related issues from 7am - 7pm.
05 Management Reports
Our monitoring software constantly checks the usage and performance of all your print devices to produce detailed reports when required.
06 Proactive Maintenance
We undertake regular preventative maintenance to reduce future problems.
07 Dedicated Account Manager
You will have one point of contact for all printer related issues and we conduct regular reviews to help improve all aspects of your printing to include advise on cost reduction, print security and CO2 reduction and workflow processes.
08 One Invoice
All costs relating to printer maintenance and the supplies used by your printers are included in ONE itemised invoice from ONE supplier.

Overview of our service

Step 01 Step 02 Step 03 Step 04 Step 05 Step 06 Step 07 Step 08 Step 09 Step 10
01 We measure and monitor your print costs
We will analyse your existing cost structure at an early stage - including the costs per page, user, device and workgroup - and then continue to provide regular reports once the service has been implemented. An essential first step is to measure and monitor the true (but often hidden) costs of creating and using documents. This helps you to understand exactly what gains have been made and where the potential exists to create further efficiencies.
02 We reduce costs
We streamline your company's print operations, reducing waste while making sure that you have the right equipment in the right place to meet the needs of your employees. Control is further improved by the timely supply of appropriate stocks of consumables and single-point monthly billing. The ultimate goal is to generate sustainable long-term savings as well as immediate cost reductions.
03 We improve productivity
You can expect substantial gains in productivity from your new document infrastructure and significantly fewer interruptions. Not only will your fleet be more reliable and better suited to the needs of your business but you will have access to faster workflows and more efficient technology that help everyone to work more quickly and productively.
04 We maximise ROI
Most organisations have, over time, acquired a wide variety of document systems of different makes and models. Many of these will be approaching or have exceeded their useful lifespan. Even modern machines are often deployed inappropriately and suffering from either under - or over - use. Our managed print experts will make sure that each printer and MFP is deployed for optimum productivity and that, where appropriate, new and more efficient devices and workflows are introduced to support the needs of each workgroup, yielding a maximum return on investment.
05 We implement with minimal disruption
Any change that we recommend to the way you create, manage and use documents in your organisation must first pass the test of A) does it make a real and sustainable difference in terms of cost savings and efficiency improvements, and B) can it be implemented with minimum disruption, seamlessly integrating with your existing processes to deliver the best possible return on investment.
06 We improve security
Even accidental interception of confidential information (documents left lying in a printer's output tray, for instance) can have unfortunate consequences. Deliberate attacks are even more dangerous. Our Managed Print Services gives you exactly the levels of security that you need, with solutions ranging from controlling access to each device right through to you providing a fully secure document infrastructure, complete with a detailed audit trail and the storage of data at a secure ISO certified cloud facility.
07 We reduce environmental impact
From equipment to toner, from manufacturing processes to packaging, reduced paper consumption, our managed print service will decrease your carbon emissions and reduce your impact on the environment.
08 We are proactive
Once the right equipment is in the right place we'll remotely monitor each device, watching for any signs which indicate that a potential problem is developing. This 'early warning system' lets us react to solve the issue before your staff can be inconvenienced by equipment failure and toner ordering is fully automated via email alerts.
09 We increase productivity
We provide a helpdesk 7am-7pm for all print related issues , no need for IT staff to deal with any print related issue just call us. Plus, we offer a full range of installation, configuration, staff training and technical support services to completely remove the burden of supporting your printing services.
10 We have the expertise
Unlike may other companies we specialise in managing printers. Established over 20 years ago, we have built our success on two core values: product independence and customer service. Our expertise lies in managing print and copy environments to help businesses large and small cut costs and increase productivity.

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