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Scanning Solutions

Connect your all-in-one office printer to Microsoft applicationsInefficient use of Microsoft applications can be expensive. In some cases it can cost £50 to recreate a two-page paper file in Word and £40 to retrieve a single misfiled document. A document management solution can help you avoid these costs and use Microsoft applications more effectively.


Your challenges

  • Unleash the valuable information trapped in paper documents
  • Too many steps to get documents into SharePoint
  • Unmanaged and unsecured scanning platform and no visibility of outgoing scanning jobs
  • Difficulty in locating documents once they have been scanned

Our solution

Make the most of your investment in Microsoft Office, use our software to scan any paper document to a wide range of Microsoft formats at the touch of a button.

Our Solution

The benefits

Save time by scanning directly into Microsoft SharePoint and make it easier to search for information with a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Increase productivity by scanning paper documents directly into Microsoft Office or Google Drive or Sales Force.
Improve security with a complete audit trail of user activity at the scanner.
Enhance the user experience by filing documents in the right location in at the point of scan.

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